1. Watching the ball

This is the most important tip I can give to young boys and girls. People take this simple tip for granted as it seems basic but it’s often one of the most important things that get overlooked – to really focus on that ball.

2. Move your feet

You give yourself the best chance at hitting a great shot when you move your feet to the pitch of the ball. Whether it is against fast bowling or against spin, whether front foot or back foot. If you can get your body or your head close to the ball you give yourself the best chance of executing the right shot.

3. Allow the ball to travel towards you, play the ball as late as possible

This ensures you are not playing too far out in front of yourself and same with the back foot, you are allowing it to come all the way under your eyes and play it from there. This allows you to have maximum control.

4. Don’t try over hit the ball

People think if you swing as hard as you can, you get maximum power, but cricket is based on timing. So it’s about position and having your weight going in the right direction, utilising momentum and having good balance is what will give you maximum power. A lot of the time your power comes from your bottom half, the swing of the bat is then the flow on effect.