Tuesday workout

In this workout: Athletic warm up Twist & sprint Butterfly kick Jump & flag Shrug & calf raise Swissball neck stability front back LR sides Shoulder & hip spine...

Children who play sport develop important life skills

Coping Sport and life have so many similarities. If you think about the highs and lows you experience during sport, the ups and downs, the success, the failures, that is...

Mental benefits of sport and physical activity

Improves one's mood Physical activity triggers brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. This change in state is most evident in team sports as you are...

Monday workout

In this workout: Handstand warm up Front lever & planche Overhead pull, overhead push & squat Bridging

Michael Clarke wants to get kids being more active!

Kids in Australia are becoming some of the least active children in the world; however, Michael Clarke wants to change that status quo - he has a million dollar...

Thursday workout

In this workout: Lift warm up Snatch Clean Jerk Squat Deadlift Hang & standing flexion extension & side flexion

Importance of being physically fit

Being physically fit creates the foundation in which an athlete can then develop their skills and be the best in their particular sport. It’s about getting the body ready...


Deep Breathing Taking the time to consciously breathe with the diaphragm & let the ribs expand with each breath, is a great way to reduce tension. I encourage nasal breathing...

Friday workout

In this workout: Handstand warm up Muscle up & press to handstand Overhead pull, dip, & sled Body weight leg ext, leg curl Prone supine crawls

Why is hydration so important?

You can lose a lot of fluid and nutrients when you participate in physical activity – you can lose nearly up to 1L an hour – mainly through sweating...