Sport and life have so many similarities. If you think about the highs and lows you experience during sport, the ups and downs, the success, the failures, that is not dissimilar to life. When you experience tough times, you need to be able to turn things around, get back on your feet and try again. It is when you go through these failures that we learn the most. To understand this principle from a young age will better prepare kids for dealing with those tough life situations.

Winning & Losing
Winning and losing, “yes you dream and practice and train to try win when you walk onto that field, but it doesn’t happen every time, so you have to learn to lose, you have to accept that it is a part of sport not unlike life,” says Michael Clarke. This understanding teaches children that not everything always goes according to plan, and being able to adapt and cope with something you did not want to happen, is an incredibly valuable life skill.

Acceptance & patience
In sport, you have to be able to work with others, learn to be patient with people and accept that everyone is different and might do things differently. For example, they might train differently, sleep more or less. These same principles pertain to life, and it promotes these same actions taking place off the sporting field as well.

Health & Fitness
Being active and participating in physical activity is vital for being able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sport is a great way to promote being active amongst young kids and creating healthy habits for the future.

Dedication and Sacrifice
That challenge every single day of trying to become better at what you’re striving towards, it takes commitment and sacrifice to achieve that goal. Sport is a way to learn what is needed to work hard and achieve your goals; it is only by practising and working hard that you can get to be where you want to be. Learning this from a young age sets you up to know that hard work and perseverance is the only way to achieve success.