“Through the highs and lows, people have questioned me, my style of play and the way I captain,” he told GQ Magazine.

“That sort of scrutiny is natural in human beings.

“Some people you like, others you don’t. But I’m fine with the spotlight now because it’s not about all the other garbage off the field. It falls my way because I’m captain of Australia, and I love that responsibility.”

He also said he understands the high expectations Australians have for their sporting teams.

“They demand the best,” he said.

“And when you’re Australian captain, the highs are much higher and the lows much lower.

“Even Bradman failed occasionally. It can hurt you — it hurts to drop a catch, to get bowled, to lose a Test, to get booed. But you have to go through tough times. And when you’re down and out, the truest test of a man is to get up and go again.”