20/20 cricket has brought an enormous amount of benefits to the game of cricket, and it has created a whole new level of entertainment to the sport. The younger generation has become a lot more engaged, certainly more women. The big bash now has an active women’s league which has pushed women’s cricket forward and further into the spotlight, with the aim for it to continue to grow.

The big bash has been excellent for Australian cricket, and it gives international players that aren’t playing international cricket at that time the opportunity to play some great, competitive cricket. It is renowned as the best competitive 20/20 competition in the world. Its reputation is so because the majority of players are Australian and the strength of the Australian team has always been their domestic cricket, and it, therefore, gives the BBL that high standard of competition.

The high level of talent in the BBL is also one of the main reasons why the comp is so entertaining. People want to come and watch these players, and that is why we have seen such a boost in the game as a whole. Cricket Australia have marketed the product extensively, and this shows that the game of cricket in Australia is in exceptionally stable hands. “The BBL allows Cricket Australia to future proof the popularity of the game for our younger generations, says Michael Clarke”.

There is a place for 20/20 cricket in the world, and it is gaining increasing popularity internationally. This popularity is evident because of the high attendance numbers to games and a large population watching on TV. “It is only going to get bigger and better”, says Michael Clarke.