Being physically fit creates the foundation in which an athlete can then develop their skills and be the best in their particular sport. It’s about getting the body ready to deal with the strains and energy exerted that is required to achieve results in your sport. Fitness is the first thing an athlete will work on before focusing on the specific skills needed for their sport. It is important that the fitness levels of athletes are regularly remeasured to ensure they are maintaining a high level of fitness Then from that they know if improvements are needed to be made.

Fitness is one of the most important aspects of being a professional athlete, and there is no doubt about that because even if you have the skills, without being fit, you are not able to execute them to the best of your ability. Skills can be developed and harnessed over time, but again fitness is needed to be able to develop their capabilities further. Fitness allows athletes to perform at their peak for a long and sustained period; therefore they don’t tire as quickly. A tired athlete will not be able to perform well, and they won’t be as sharp and start to lack concentration immediately.

Being physically fit is not all about cardiovascular fitness but about physical strength and flexibility as well. Being fit in all these aspects not only prepares you to be good at your skill but when you do start to work on it, being fit, helps prevent the body from injury. E.g. It is important to have a strong core as a prevention from getting any back injuries. Strong core muscles prevent one from hurting their back.

Therefore we can see that both traits are as important as each other, without both the athlete will not be able to perform well.