I sat down with the Michael Clarke Cricket Academy’s Head of Coaching – Ben Sawyer to discuss his top tips on being a great bowler.


Technique forms the foundation of a great bowler. It is from this that one’s skills are further developed. When you are under pressure in the middle of a contest, having a technique that you know is sound will give you comfort.

Competitive Spirit

I believe that all great bowlers have an intense competitive spirit, they love the contest between batsman and bowler. The great bowlers have always had this characteristic which has driven them to be their best.


Bowlers are asked to deliver on plans formulated with their coaches every time they go out to bowl. Even if these are the greatest strategies in the world, they will fall short if a bowler does not have the control and the accuracy needed to deliver on these plans. The best bowlers have the control to be able to put the ball exactly where they want, more often than not.


While control and accuracy are critical, as stated above, the best bowlers in the world have also had the ability to bring variety into their repertoire. Whether that be swing, spin, changes in speed, or changes in length, great bowlers are not “1 trick ponies”.

Work Ethic

Both on and off the field, great bowlers, have an extraordinary work ethic. Bowling is a tough business, so bowlers need to be physically and mentally strong to get through the rigours placed on their body. In addition to the physical aspect, bowlers need to study their opponents and develop plans that will help them when they enter the field.