Well, like most things in life “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. To achieve success, it always makes it easier when you have others helping you out and working together to achieve that common goal. Having other people’s experience and perspectives in a particular situation will give you a more well-rounded view of the situation and therefore the best chance of making the right call.

Think about being a kid and your mum and dad teaching you things as you were growing up and learning from their experiences. It allows you to take ‘shortcuts’ to get to your destination as they can provide advice based on their learnings from mistakes they have made previously. Every person is different, so to be able to listen to others and learn from them regarding gaining another insight on certain situations is advantageous. “Sometimes having that different point of view can help bring clarity to a situation”, says Michael Clarke.

Having two sets of eyes is always better than one, two brains are better than one so the more information and feedback you can get from other people can only help. It is rare that everyone would have the same perspective and not be able to bring something else to the table, there is often more than one way go about a situation and therefore more than one way to achieve the same outcome.

For the individual, being a part of a team can create for them a sense of belonging, it is so important that each team member feels valued and a part of the greater cause. It is important that they are actively adding value to achieving the one common goal, knowing that each person has their role to play.

“Once the goal has been reached, knowing each person has contributed individually to the success of the whole team while having built that camaraderie and bond in the process are what makes achieving that goal even sweeter,” says Clarke.